WalksThe ultimate handbook for people who aren’t afraid to get their boots muddy. With routes ranging from picturesque city towpath strolls to weekend hikes through the South Downs, it was praised by Will Self as “beautifully written” and “pornography for the desk-bound”. Buy the book!

Reader reviews:

This 320-page book – the 3rd (print) edition of July 2016 – is an interesting and readable (the two are not always found together) guide to the attractions of walking around London and the south-east of England.

Unlike many guides, this is not a glossy booklet dotted with colourful photographs to make it look superficially attractive, but actually does look like a “rough” guide due to paper finishes and colour schemes, but it is still well-designed and presented, with readable text, useful maps, and (well-chosen) photographs only where space allows. The excellent design and layout means that you don’t need unnecessary spot illustrations to break up column after column of small-printed data.

This really is the best present we ever had. There is a walk for every mood and every season… It is a rare walk when we don’t meet someone else using the book and raving over it.

Before coming across this book, I’d never realised how easy it was to get out of London and walk in relatively open landscapes… It’s a wonderfully thorough introduction, with excellent maps and detailed instructions.    

It has many wonderful walks, is very informative and really entices you to go out on walks! It is very comprehensive but doesn’t overload you with pointless information, provides you with a general overview of the walk and has interesting facts about the areas in which your walk takes place, there are historical tidbits here and there and other useful information regarding stop off points for food/drinks etc.  

A great book for the enthusiastic walker, and just the right size for pocket or rucksack.

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